7 May Carsington Brothers Series, Book 2. Berkley Sensation. Winner, Barclay Gold Award for Historical RITA. 7 Mar Title: Mr. Impossible Author: Loretta Chase Publication Info: Berkley Sensation ISBN: Genre: Historical: European. About Mr. Impossible. Blame it on the Egyptian sun or the desert heat, but as tensions flare between a reckless rogue and beautiful scholar en route to foil a.

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Dec 18, Wollstonecrafthomegirl rated it really liked it. Lisa Fernandes February 25, at 2: They form a friendship of sorts; he is the brawn, she is the brains.

The kidnappers, treasure, Egyptology, etc made the plot much more active than most of stories. Impossible typifies why I normally avoid books that are part of a series. Comic relief mr impossible loretta chase in the form of a mongoose named Marigold.

I love the sound of your voice and the way you move. Reading it was the kind of fun I used to get when I was a kid reading Nancy Drew. Our heroine is a Mr impossible loretta chase young widow who needs Mr Carsington’s immediately help to rescue her brother Miles.

And you were very right about the English accents. I wish you had told me. Here was a man who was simply proud of the woman’s intelligence and her intellectual achievements.

Mr. Impossible by Loretta Chase

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. I mr impossible loretta chase it delicious, the way you bargained for me, as though I were an old rug. But, dare I say it? Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. Impossible definitely fit the bill and was exactly what I needed. Solving the mystery of Egyptian hieroglyphics has been Daphne Pembroke’s lifelong passion, one she has mr impossible loretta chase secret from everyone except her brother, Miles, who fronts as the hieroglyphics expert of the family.


All three Carsington books that I’ve listened to are five stars all the way! It was a large format paperback no probs there but with tightly spaced writing so, looong pages printed on poor quality, rough and slightly coloured pages.

Mr Impossible by Loretta Chase

They both discover quite a bit about themselves along the mr impossible loretta chase. The H and h faced a carefully constructed checklist of perils, but somehow it didn’t add up to a great or even totally cohesive story overall. Chase’s impeccable research into 19th century Egyptology. Above it and along the sides were hieroglyphs, beautifully cut in low relief.

He knew she was not only English, but a lady. Too much adventure, I expect, although the Egyptian setting does make things interesting.

Impossible is an extremely fun romp impossibls what happens when you move some typical Regency-fare into an “archaeological” Egypt setting and you do it right. This hero loves to get in mr impossible loretta chase good fight and is quite brave and heroic.

While I strive to respond to each comment, a delay of a few days may occasionally occur.

Mr. Impossible (Carsington Brothers, #2) by Loretta Chase

One of them falls into the realm of petty nitpicking, but really, I hate it when mr impossible loretta chase do this. And Daphne is determined to find him. I am such a picky reader and few books get my full approval but Loretta Chase is a fav author and Mr. Daphne goes to the British consul for help mr impossible loretta chase is given Rupert, who has just got himself into trouble again defending a poor beaten up Egyptian from the Turkish guard.


Smartarse rated it liked it Recommends it for: Daphne is a genius. Jul 26, Ruth rated it it was amazing Shelves: Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment.

My faith in Loretta Chase was firmly restored with this book. Usually I m them so agonizing I have to delete the book from my Kindle.

Hands down my favorite Loretta Chase and probably my all-time mr impossible loretta chase romance: Have I ever mentioned how happy I am that Loretta Chase is writing regularly again? Egypt in is not a safe place for imlossible. Also in Carsington Family Series. However, I do admit to enjoying reading about over-the-top alpha’s that I’d probably have to murder in reality.

Carsington Brothers 5 books. From Publishers Weekly Set in Egypt inChase’s romp of a romance possesses a fine sense of time and place. This, fellow readers, is a good one.